Energy Balancing System

EBS —– Energy Balancing System

Energy Balancing System

Planning & Optimising YOUR Compressed Air System

3 Stages

Stage 1 = Measurement

Stage 2 = Analysis

Stage 3 = Simulation


Stage 1

Measuring volume flow with Energy Balancing System

Stage 2

Analysing YOUR compressors provide the following important informations:

  • Leakage
  • Current pressure band
  • Daily & weekly curves of compressed air demand
  • Energy consumed by the Compressor or compressors
  • Utilization of each & every compressors [ Load / Idle / Stand-by Time ]


Now, we have the basic information and we can start


about how to optimize YOUR Compressed Air System.

Stage 3

Simulation by

Change of Pressure Band.

Replacement of one or more old inefficient standard compressor or compressors with modern compressor or compressors.



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